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Private Instructor for Pilates in Belmont, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Swansea, Charlestown, Warners Bay

Are you an athlete or a dancer? Suffering from diabetes or Asthma!! We provide private instructors for Pilates across BelmontNewcastle, Lake Macquarie, Swansea, Charlestown, Warners Bay to rehabilitate and deal with your age-related body coordination! We can successfully restore your health!

Pilates Fitness For Life is a renowned fitness studio closely working with people of all age groups to help manage and improve nagging injuries, back pains and anxiety since 2007. We provide private instructors and organised exercises to get effective results for:

  • Lower-back pains
  • Balance problems in elderly
  • Problems with body posture
  • Flexibility issues
  • Fatigued and weak body
  • Coordination and balance problems.
  • Asthma and blood circulation issues.

Organised lesson plans for varieties of fitness programs

Based on your condition and fitness goals our expert trainers will plan the appropriate exercises and therapies to improve your muscular balance, asthma, flexibility and control.
We can assist you to recover from any kinds of breathing-related issues and design programs to increase your focus and mental stability.

Well-equipped studio to meet all your rehabilitation needs

Our modern and lavish studio is well-resourced with world-class Pilates apparatus that are considered the best in the industry.
We specialise in planning and organising our classes to prevent any further injury recurrences by improving the core stability and flexibility of your body.
Our private instructors are the industry best and are highly qualified to handle all kinds of physical issues effectively.
Our Pilates classes are provided on a routine basis designed on the principals of Joseph Pilates methods of body training.

Benefits of our Pilates lessons

Our private lessons are designed to target the right limbs and help you get:

  • Attractive abs
  • Sculpted arms
  • Slim and defined legs
  • Well-formed glutes
  • Energised body
  • Correct postural imbalances
  • Rehabilitate existing injuries
  • Develop core strength and flexibility

If you are looking for a top-notch private instructor for Pilates in Belmont, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Swansea, Warners Bay, Charlestown areas, call us now!

Call us at 0404037622 to book an appointment or email us at for any further details.