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Bowen Therapy in Belmont, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Swansea, Charlestown, Warners Bay

Looking for fast relief from acute and chronic injuries and health problems? Why not try our Bowen Therapy in Belmont? Available for all age groups!!

Pilates Fitness is one of the finest fitness studio and gym, dedicated to helping you recover and rehabilitate from injuries and other physical problems.

We specialise in efficiently providing Bowen therapy all over Newcastle to treat the cause of your joint pains, muscle problems, sports-related injuries and chronic or acute pains.

How Bowen Therapy Can be Helpful to All Ages

Our advanced therapy is a gentle form of bodywork offered with deep subtle messages to help retrieve the cellular memories of your muscles and connective tissues in a balanced and relaxed way. It is suitable for people of all age groups and remarkable results can be observed from the first session.

We provide our Bowen therapy in Belmont studio. Our therapy is considered appropriate for anyone from pregnant women, frail and elderly individuals to even newborn babies.

How this Therapy Can Help in Back Pain and Sciatica

We offer organized sessions that can help you recover from traumatic injury to chronic illness, depending on your healing capacity. This technique can be considered if you are suffering from Back pain and sciatica

  • Digestive and bowel issues such as IBS and IBD.
  • Ear problems such as infections, migraines and earaches.
  • Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Problems with your knees, ankles and feet.
  • Menstrual and Hormonal Irregularities
  • Problems with your neck/shoulder including the frozen shoulder.
  • Respiratory problems and hay fever
  • Groin pains and pelvic tilt
  • RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow
  • Injuries from sports activities or accidents.

Improve Your Body Structure with Our Well Defined Nutritional Plan

We have the access to our personalised studio that is safe, spacious and well-resourced with high-quality apparatus that are considered the best in the industry.

Our organised therapies are incorporated into effective exercise and nutrition plans to help you improve your overall body structure.

So hurry up!! Join our effective Bowen Therapy offered across Newcastle and recover from your nagging injuries!

Call us at 0404037622 to book an appointment or email us at for any further information.