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Affordable reformer Pilates classes for fitness!!

Welcome to Pilates Fitness For Life. Our studio is located in Belmont North, NSW. Since 2007, we have been closely working with people from all age groups to help manage and improve nagging injuries, body posture, chronic back pains and breathing problems. Our effective Fitness classes are designed to improve: • Lower-back pains • Balance in elderly • Body posture • Flexibility • Build strength • Coordination and balance. • Asthma and blood circulation

Organised lesson plans to meet all your needs

Our special Pilates lessons contain breathing and limbs specific exercises to help improve your muscular balance, asthma, flexibility and control alongside increased focus and mental stability. We have the access to world-class Pilates apparatus that are widely acknowledged as being the best in the industry. Our well-organised exercise plans are incorporated with the finest Pilates apparatus to help improve your overall body structure. We provide small group mat classes and one-to-one Pilates classes in and around Belmont and Newcastle that are offered on a routine basis developed on the original principals of Joseph Pilates’ methods of body conditioning. ​ Read More

What we do

  • Men & Women
  • All ages - All fitness level
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Sports and dance injury recovery

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